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Here, We Develop The Future!

Responsive Information Systems (ReinSys.™) is a team of "not-for-profit" innovation enthusiasts with core focus on People, Technology and Community.

We help organizations, governments and leaders to make positive impacts in our communities by providing them with free tools and solutions that we develop in our own "innovation" labs, using thought-leading information technology experience and passion for innovation and social change as our primary tool.

Our vision is to be “Africa’s innovation powerhouse.”

The Spirit of ReinSys and our mission is:

“To provide the best solutions to local problems by empowering local expertise with global experience.”

We Love to Think. Solve Problems ...and do it, First!

We created the first free and open source web application development framework in Africa, which is now a hosted platform providing solutions as services to many organizations either to power their web based solutons or as application development and delivery platform for internal processes automation.

Our community service projects include:

  • EduPeer, a platform for providing free online technology services to schools across Africa.
  • Innovate Nigeria, an initiative designed to push the boundaries of innovation in Nigeria.

We have been Building the foundations for future innovations since 2006.